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Advisory and Consultancy Service

We have a wide range of projects covering different activities specified under Schedule VII. Corporates can select any project of their interest and we will assist them in the execution and implementation of it.

Certain companies align its CSR goals and decisions with its overall goals and strategies and we assist corporates to find appropriate CSR projects which are in alignment with their objectives.

We are associated with many NGO's working on different social causes. We are here to analyse your requirements of CSR and find a suitable NGO working on similar social causes as yours, so that you can work together in association. We advice in execution and implementation of the CSR Projects chosen by you and the same will be in alignment with government policies and regulations. Our CA Firm (KPMB) acts as an effective facilitator and implementer of CSR policies without affecting Corporate Business Objectives. Further, they help corporations devise strategies, policies and projects that serve both their business as well as social goals. They ensure that the corporate values and social values never come in conflict.
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